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Customized Fashion creative backpack, starting from the zipper selection

Edit:SROCK Tool & BagUpDate:Mar 15, 2018

   Custom-made fashion creative backpack, starting from the zipper selection. Although it is not a major cost to have a zipper on a backpack, it must not be overlooked when customizing. Double shoulder backpack main bag zipper Once the use of a large number of bad damage, it is a trouble. 

  The main bag zipper broken shoulders backpack, even if the design is fashionable and creative, choose high-grade fabrics, basically escape the fate of discarded. No one is going around with an open backpack, so the responsibility and mission of the zipper (especially the main zipper) is important. Generally speaking, the quality of the zipper determines the service life of the backpack, a texture work again good backpack, no match with the test of the zipper is white pull. 

So don't look down on this little zipper. 

   The quality of the zipper determines the service life of the double shoulder backpack The good zipper pulls up the sound not to be big also to be smooth, on both sides of the pull cloth looks thickly thick (is not sparse as the net effect), repeatedly pulls several times not to have any change. Times zipper pull Up hair wrinkle, sound is still very big, or pull cloth is very thin very sparse, if do on the backpack repeatedly pull will have the open, tooth, bite cloth, teeth and so on. Custom Fashion Creative Backpack, you should choose high-quality Contact, while repeatedly testing the quality of the zipper clearance.