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  • Cutting Pliers

    Cutting Pliers

    Cutting Pliers is made of chrome vanadium steel, high-frequency cutting edge, sharp and durable, suitable for plastic flash, gate, electronic circuit welding wire trimming. Ultra-thin sharp edge, trimming plastic injection burrs, filling the nozzle of the nozzle, can also be...

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  • Diagonal Cutting Pliers

    Diagonal Cutting Pliers

    Diagonal Cutting Pliers is jaws are forged with imported CRV chrome vanadium alloy, hard and durable, no acidification, heat treatment, 41-48HRC, 30% improvement in practical life, surface treatment, electrolysis, anti-rust, high-frequency heat treatment of cutting edge,...

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  • Diagonal Pliers

    Diagonal Pliers

    Diagonal Pliers is made of special alloy steel. After long-time heat treatment and high-frequency casting, it has strong toughness, high hardness, durability and easy opening and closing. Its cutting edge is thin and sharp, and the cutting is smooth, which makes the product...

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  • Water Pump Wrench

    Water Pump Wrench

    Water Pump Wrench functions like a pipe wrench, but it is lighter and easier to use than a pipe wrench. The width of the jaw opening is adjustable in 7 steps. It is widely used in the installation and maintenance of automobiles, internal combustion engines, agricultural...

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  • Combination Pliers

    Combination Pliers

    Combination pliers is material is made of high carbon steel forging, the cutting edge is toothed, the cutting edge is neat, the tooth pattern is deep and straight, the jaw is heat treated, and the biting force is strong. The handle is ergonomically designed, and the pvc...

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  • Long Nose Pliers

    Long Nose Pliers

    Long nose pliers is made of durable materials and is forged with 45# steel with inlays for high hardness and long life. The rubberized handle is designed according to ergonomic principles, and it is non-slip and durable. The product adopts hot processing, high frequency...

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  • Fence Pliers

    Fence Pliers

    Fence Pliers A carefully designed pliers, made of high carbon steel, high hardness, high torque, good arbitrariness, long-lasting durability, non-slip handles and beautiful design, easy to use! The caliper body is tightly connected to the handle and is firm and not easy to...

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  • End Cutting Pliers

    End Cutting Pliers

    end cutting pliers German end cutting pliers, high quality steel, special treatment of the knife edge, sharp cutting, fine workmanship, durable!

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